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Brand Puba is the cerebral cortex of new school marketing conversation online. Featuring fresh news from the best brands in Canada and around the world, plus analysis and insights that marketers can put to practice.

If you are passionate about branding & marketing, join us for an extended discussion by subscribing now. Even if you aren’t an ad guru or marketing expert – continue reading and perhaps you’ll learn something interesting!

About Scott Ahmed

I am a fanatic for outstanding consumer marketing and brand strategy. Since childhood, my imagination has been stimulated by the power of remarkable advertising strategies and marketing practices. Now, I like to stay updated with the latest marketing trends while trying to occasionally show some flashes of excellence in my own work.

Currently living in the painfully trendy Distillery District of Toronto and working as an Associate Brand Manager at Hasbro Canada.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Ahmed


Disclosure & Social Media Policy (a.k.a. “The Legal Stuff”)

It should be noted that the opinions stated on this blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employer, Hasbro Canada.

Regarding social media, I encourage you to share any of the content viewed on this blog provided that you (1) keep any comments in proper context and (2) provide attribution to the source, be it myself, a contributor, or another party which I may have sourced from.

It is a pleasure to connect with you, and I hope you enjoy your full experience with Brand Puba.


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